The positive people's network is people LIKE you!

About Storybook Community /

Our Vision /

Our vision is to be a leading provider of hope and inspiration while creating awareness of individuals, businesses, and local charities that make a positive impact in our communities. These uplifting stories will be told by many of our users and the Storybook Community Student Media team.

Our Mission /

Our mission is to promote uplifting content that is designed to counter the negative,  violent and sexually oriented material in mainstream media.  The vehicle for this task is a student web-based reality series that engages the community to connect friends, families, businesses, churches, and charities into a positive network…The Positive Peoples Network is People LIKE You!

Our Company /

SBC is a social media website and entertainment hub that promotes positive and uplifting content, while raising awareness of the good works of our community! SBC was created BY the next generation, FOR the next generation.

SBC is more than just a hub for videos and stories of inspiration.  SBC is a community of people with the hearts to support one another and help make a difference. SBC will feature quality posts promoting interesting, engaging, and uplifting stories in different formats, including written entries and videos.

At the heart of our vision is a student web-based reality series and headquarters employing talent shows, inspirational videos, humor, event coverage, street interviews, chat rooms and other elements to engage our community in a positive and ever-growing network:  HITS (Hope, Inspiration, Talent, Stories).

The goal for the SBC student team is to promote a "positive lifestyle," and to influence the next generation by encouraging good decision-making and fostering a sense of belonging.  The focus is on positive news and relevant subject matter impacting our community. See our “Big Change” and “Positive Shock” video section featuring random acts of kindness to unsuspecting people around Houston caught on camera, such as:

  • Natural disaster relief aid
  • Local charities in need
  • Children and families in need
  • Tickets to big events for students doing well in school
  • College scholarships for students in need
  • And many other fun, exciting, and unexpected act of kindness

Storybook Community will create additional exposure and awareness for local non-profit organizations that strive to make a difference.  Our goal is to create a centralized exposure point for charities and faith-based programs that provide help services and information to the community. We want to collaborate and work with key charitable organizations as advocates and supporters on behalf of our Storybook Community users.

Please join and support the Storybook Community.  A collection of individual efforts, when combined, can and will help to make a difference for our youth, the generation that will soon enough become our nation’s leaders.


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