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Storybook Community is a video content website designed to bring our communities, our kids, and our young adults together through stories inspiration and fun entertainment. Real stories from young people, and the young at heart.

All of what SBC does will be brought to you by people who are looking for a way to make a positive impact in their communities while being proud of their creativity and accomplishments. Read below for different features Storybook Community will bring to you in the near future by our SBC student web based reality show and headquarters.

“The Scene” - Houston’s Daily Reality for young adults.


A web based reality show using local student journalist and broadcasting teams to promote positive life direction, good decision-making, and a sense of belonging. The focus is on positive news and relevant subjects impacting our community.

A backstage pass and behind the scenes video look at all of Houston’s big charitable events, festivals, concerts, pro sports, and community celebrations.

See our “Big Change” and “Positive Shock” videos featuring random acts of kindness to unsuspecting people around Houston caught on video. Watch as we give away:

  • Tickets to a athletic events like the Texans, Rockets and Astros
  • Limo rides from bus stops
  • Tickets to big events
  • Filling up random cars with gas
  • Giving people in need a hand up
  • And many other fun, exciting and unexpected act of kindness

“Hi-Chair” Inspirational Video Series

The “Hi” stands for Hope and Inspiration. We are not simply hoping things will change; we want to inspire hope and create change in people and the community.

Houston’s influential people, community leaders, and exciting celebrities will share their inspirational stories with you. It is important and worthwhile for others to share how they have overcome life’s obstacles and to let everyone know they are not alone in their struggles and that we all do care about one another. The “Hi-Chair” video stories will be a positive and powerful gift providing hope and inspiration to everyone.

“HiHi:59” Uploaded Personal Videos are :59 seconds or less!

Use your cell phone or computer to upload personal videos of :59 seconds or less… Person to person messages. Promote your event to everyone, share where you are and what you are doing, positive video messages to your community, OMGosh moments, selfies about some awesome place you just visited or vacationed, school spirit support, super sports fan reactions, recognition for your achievements. What cool thing are you doing right now… from sitting on Santa’s lap, playing on the beach, or maybe committing your own random act of kindness, all uploaded to Storybook Community “HiHi:59” video page.

The “HiHi” Forum and Chat Room.
“HiHi” = Hope, Inspiration, Help and Information

The positive way to interact with others for advice and help. An everyday user friendly oasis for people that want to find help for themselves or others who are struggling with problems like addiction, bullying, relationship abuse, sexual harassment, crime, family planning, hunger, homelessness, faith issues, natural disasters, loss of loved one and more. We also want to be able to put charitable services and the people who need them together quickly.

“Monthly on-line” and “Live Event”

Do you or anyone you know have a talent that you want to share with everyone? Are you the next big star? We invite everyone with undiscovered and unique talents to upload their videos. Singers, dancers, musicians, and entertainers can showcase themselves or their group to compete for recognition and prizes in our monthly talent contest.

Our live main event is a local talent competition to promote future star in the Houston area…”Storybook’s Got Talent”! Come on Houston, show us your talent!

Charity Outreach Programs

We want to create additional awareness and revenue for local non-profits that strive to make a difference. A centralized exposure point for charities and faith based programs that provide help services and information to the community. We want to collaborate and work with key charitable organizations as an advocate and supporter on behalf of our Storybook Community users.


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