The positive people's network is people LIKE you!

Join Our Positive Movement!

Join SBC in our efforts to connect the next generation to a positive network through stories of hope and inspiration, while raising awareness of the good works in our community.

Help students gain valuable experience while
doing good in an exciting and fun way!

You have a chance to be part of the Founding Executive Leadership Committee for an exciting new ALL positive network! Storybook Community is searching for a team of talented adults to mentor students as they finalize the business and website, now that research and development has been completed.

This will be filmed and showcased on our Storybook Community website for the world to see!

You will be a mentor as the students contribute to:

  • Finalizing network formation
  • Fun and exciting events in the community
  • Advertising & marketing management
  • Programing audio/video production
  • Creating shows & even star in a show!
  • The first ever network of... It's kind!

You have the opportunity to assist the next generation as they experience the great feeling of helping others, while having fun and being part of a positive network! You will help the next generation gain valuable experience preparing them for a greater future, while doing good works in the community and spotlighting worthy causes!

The next generation is important to you & all of us...

Our future depends on them!

Submit your information and you will be contacted for more details.

Watch for an email from Storybook Community for more information!

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You Could Be Part Of A Student Based “REAL” Reality Show… But With A Purpose!

Storybook Community is a video content website designed to bring our communities, our kids, and our young adults together through stories of inspiration and fun entertainment. Discovering and promoting real stories from people like you!


Celebrity endorsements

“I’m about inspiring our youth… Please join me in supporting Storybook Community’s positive network. Come join us and cover all the major events going on right here in Houston!”

Lauren Anderson, Storybook Community Spokesperson & Former Prima Ballerina

SBC is enjoying support from the former Houston Ballet performer, Lauren Anderson; former NBA giant, John Lucas, former NFL player, Mike Barber; former IBF heavy weight champion of the world, Lou Savarese and from the local radio talk show host, Outlaw Dave.


You should be very excited about the mission, accomplishments and fun you could have by becoming a founding mentor. There has never been a united force for good initiated by the next generation, at this level, in such a fun way...Ever before!

Your efforts as a founding mentor of Storybook Community will be something you tell your kids and grand kids about for years to come. It will be more than just something you feel proud of, it will be a part of your life's legacy!


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