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Storybook Community’s mission is to counter the negative, violent, and sexually oriented material that tends to dominate mainstream media.

SBC is an alternative social media website that promotes and produces positive, uplifting content through stories of hope, inspiration and talent. These uplifting stories will be told by many of our users and the Storybook Community Student Media team.

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Storybook Community is seeking talented “Mentors & Students” to serve on the SBC leadership committee team in our efforts to connect the next generation to a positive network!





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Jody Nolan

“Jody Nolan fell 300 ft. off a cliff …Breaking major bones and severely damaging his brain…”

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Your sponsorship will help support the SBC students in their mission to counter the violent and sexually oriented material on mainstream media!

A collection of individual efforts, when combined, can and will help to make a difference for our youth and the America of tomorrow.

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